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Racing and training software designed for Runners

From running to weight lifting, from weight to heart rate tracking, from statistics to printable reports... and did we mention the customization capabilities?  Run Don't Walk is the ultimate racing and training journal.


Run Don't Walk is now Freeware and does not come with user support.
If you are using Windows95, 98, 2000, or XP, download and enjoy!

Registered users of Run Don't Walk will continue to receive support.

You have found Run Don't Walk, the most comprehensive racing and training software designed for runners.  This program has the versatility to document your running, biking, swimming, weight lifting, scheduled events, body weight, or any other racing or training activity.  Documenting your information is only the beginning. Run Don't Walk allows you to list, track, sort, filter, customize, chart, graph, and print all of your racing and training information.  This program is packed with incredible features and powerful functionality.   If you were looking for the most complete running log, training log, or racing and training software... you have found it.

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